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We, Lightech Group of companies, would like introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufactures of Lighting Luminaries since the past 21 Years. Starting small with just a 2000 sq. ft. manufacturing space in the year 1991, Mr. Vallabh Parmar and his team of people, have done a lot of research & developmental activities towards providing the Lighting Industry a better and technologically-advanced products from the start of operations. Since then, we have never looked back, and always provided products to clients according to their expectations.

Our group has been reaping the benefits of hard work and dedication towards our Manufacturing capability and we have been providing quality-driven products to professional clientele all the time. We have today grown into an organization known for its professional approach to potential clientele and also concentrating on Professionalism at manufacturing plants. Our production capacity is more than one hundred twenty five thousand Lighting Fixtures annually. Our inherent strength is our built-in manufacturing capacity to produce a large variety (more than 200 types) of luminaries through our 3 manufacturing units which are managed professionally and adhering to strict quality standards.

The top management having experienced and dealt with the Lighting Industry for more than 30 years, today we can develop the most complicated types of luminaries in the least possible time. At present we cater to the following types of products/industry as mentioned-below


  • ID No. 101
  • ID No. 106
  • ID No. 107
  • ID No. 108
  • ID No. 301
  • ID No. 916
  • ID No. 206
  • ID No. 207
  • ID No. 1901
  • ID No. 202
  • ID No. 203
  • ID No. 201
  • ID No. 1603
  • ID No. 1203
  • ID No. 1204
  • ID No.1010/30/50
  • ID No. 1118/1136
  • ID No. 1118SQ/1136SQ
  Our Facility

Our Manufacturing facilities are located in the northern part of Mumbai, in Vasai. It is spread across 3 different locations comprising of Tooling section, Fabrication section, Powder-Coating section and Assembling & Packaging section, with a combined floor space of more than 17,000 Sq.

  Our Infrastructure
Our investment in Machinery which is used to manufacture Lighting Fixtures is more than 10 Million rupees. The investment is been made in the machinery in such a way that the machines could be altered according to technological advancements as and when required and any upgrades if needed. Our lead times have been reduced from 3 weeks earlier to 1 week now due to higher investment in state-of-the-art machines since the past 3-4 years.
  Our Capabilities
In our 3 manufacturing facilities with a team of more than 80 people including managers and workers, we have the capacity to make more than 200 different types of Lighting Fixtures and with a combined volume to churn out more than 1.25 Lakh pieces per annum. We have one of the highest ratios for complete fixture manufacturing per employee in the industry of more than 1550 fixtures:1 employee per annum.

  Our Team
Our organization is headed by Mr. Vallabh Parmar, who monitors the entire functioning of the Group. Mr. Bhavesh Parmar heads the Professional Managers of each of the 3 Manufacturing Facilities in Vasai. The 3 Manufacturing Facilities are headed by Industry-Experienced Production Managers, who have the required skill and ability to manage smooth production flow with over 30 people under them.

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